#16Days of Activism Campaign 2015

Since the downfall of the central in Somalia Women and girls were subjected to all sorts of human violation such sexual violation, sexual assault, Denial of resources as well as emotional abuse, discrimination and inequality in work places and learning institution. According to the analysis and observation on the ground made by the SWDC, it was noted that sexually violation has been tremendously increasing in the IDPs despite many effort done to combat the menace.

Women are girls are segregated in employment opportunities and other resources sharing. good example is employment in both private and public sectors young educated girls re not given consideration however they are educated , there is the notion that they are less competent compared to men which is wrong ideology , those that work in such areas are employed on clan bases while others are considered to be blue colour employees , and perform duties like cleaning, gate keeping and preparing meals for the staff ,on the other hand women are less presented in both civic and parliament , their dream to achieved fully representation is fading with time .on the education sector the number of girls going to schools and colleges are few compared to boys most parents prefer to invest their boys than girls hence leaving many young potential girls to confine themselves in their homes to serve the rest of the families this clearly indicates son preferences culture practices  .

However women still act as the family bread winners and shoulder fatherly responsibility since most men are unemployed. but unfortunately their effort is not appreciated by men, they are constantly beaten and harassed if they  do not meet the external leisure’s of their husband, cases of divorced where mothers are left alone to bring up the children or have become physical disable due to extreme beating or death  have been many times reported.  The rate of forced or early marriage has been tremendously increasing with time where young immature girls are exchanged for wealth by their parents without their consent and knowledge  so as to  cover the needs of the family, women also do not enjoy their dowry right from which is against teaching of Islam, it’s very rare cases where women are given their rights , dowries,

Towards the side of sexual violation women and girls from minority groups living in IDPs were found to be the most vulnerable groups, consequently harmful practises such FGM is still on the practise though much effort is done to reach them through provision of awareness sessions on daily bases the practise is till at high rate due to inadequate knowledge, Socially violated survivors mostly suffer from social discrimination from the community , they become talk of the day as result hide their feelings and sufferings ,to add insult to the injury they do not enjoy their rights as citizen in legal presentation on the justice , they are  cruelled interrogated by men police officers since women police cop are few in number , as a result become double victim . They therefore opt to stay their homes with their painful suffering. Worse off all customary law is used to handle sexually violated cases organised by clan elders where they get little unworthy compensation from the perperptrors family and share among them and in some situation the survivor is forced to marry the perpetrator

In summary violation against women and girls is a global issue its an alarming and concern matter that need to be dressed through joint effort. Together we can end violence against women join the struggle

Written by Ibrahim Ahmed Ali,
Senior SWDC Program Officer