Access to justice for everyone

To increase the accessibility of the justice SWDC organized two days (15 & 17 August 2013) workshop on legal aid and access to justice for different sectors of the community including IDPs, youth, women, religious leaders, police departments, Ministry of Justice as well as individual from civil societies. The aim of the workshop was to enhance the capacity of the stakeholders in terms of legal education and strengthening community engagement in the justice system.

The workshop was one of the public information campaigns SWDC intended to maximize the level of the legal aid awareness among the community where different media sectors were invited. The methodology used for the workshop included discussion, brainstorming, participatory approach where participants shared their experiences regarding the theme of the workshop. The workshop was facilitated by SWDC’s law experts and external consultants as well assistances.

Objectives of the workshop

Establishing strong linkage between justice stakeholders and the community

Strengthening access to justice with specific focus on vulnerable groups

Understanding legal steps and rights to seek legal redress through the justice system

Sensitizing community to the societal benefits of providing free legal

Empowering women’s role in participation providing legal aid

Access to justice


Media coverage

The workshop was recorded by a local FM radio Dalsan and Somali Channel TV to reach the public at wider perspective. This is to enable the message to reach at both grassroots and higher levels of the community.