Forum on Capacity building for the identified Female aspirant on leadership skills

In accordance with project plan the third forum which was 3 days Capacity building for the female aspirant was conducted at SWDC Hall. The project coordinator who officially opened the forum reminded the participants to make use of the opportunities available and pass the advocacy massages to the public these will lobby women political participation in future.

The primary objectives of the forum was to acquire knowledge on transformation leadership skills

Thereafter the project facilitator Mrs.  Khadija took over the floor and once again welcome the attendants and requested to show cooperation and team work throughout. Norms to be observed were written down also in summary the participants wrote down their expectations and concerns as shown below *****************************

Sub Objectives of the forum

  • Definition of leadership
  • Types of leadership
  • Characteristics of  a good leadership
  • Characteristics of a bad leadership
  • Difference between leadership and leader
  • Causes of bad leadership traits
  • How  to overcome the trait of  bad leadership
  •  Discussion on Women leadership skills