It’s time to pave way for women politicians

Second Outreach to, influential politicians, religious leaders, Elders, to advocate for women political     participation. Held at SWDC Hall on 7th June 2014

SWDC Gender sector has conducted its second outreach session for thirty participants from the 16District of Benadir region as per the project plan among them were;  politicians, religious leaders, Elders so as to advocate for women in political participation.

The well organized gathering was officially opened by the project coordinator Mr. Ibrahim Ahmed who welcomed all who attended and thanked them for sparing their time. The coordinator gave brief explanation to the participants in regards to the event held, he said that “the primary objective of these outreach is to pass very strong convincing and persuasive message”, which is, let us jointly lobby and advocate for women in the country political participation. Mr. Ibrahim further added that  it’s a step forward  since the most respected  individuals whose words are accepted by the society are participating in today’s gathering in order to  support and advocate for women in political participation.

Afterwards the session facilitator Mrs  khadija took over the floor and went the way forward, she made brief introductions among the attendants’ themselves, then there was norms written down which was to be observed in the course of the session.

The sub-objectives of the forum were as follows: 

  • Men attitude towards women in political participation
  • Issues related to women political participation
  • How men can be engaged in lobbing Women political participation.
  • Challenges need to be addressed in lobbing women political participation.