Gender Equality and Women Employment

Over view of Gender Equality and Women Employment

This project is funded by UNDP Gender unit and implemented by SWDC The overall drive of the project is to empower Somali women to the extent of achieving their full participation rights in all aspects of life as equal to men. The project will enhance the capacity of young women to become future leaders and bring about social changes as well as equalities in their communities. This will be achieved through conducting forum for selected targeted groups who are very influential within the community so that they support and lobby for women political participation, they include Religious leaders, Clan Elders, members of parliament .  civil societies, female caucus , youth groups, business women and men, fresh students from colleges and universities, media advocacy such as radio debate spots messages  is also used to reach people living within Benadir Region

The direct objective of the project is as follows;

  • To promote the participation of women in the lead up to the 2016 elections and raise awareness on the role of women in politics through civic education and advocacy
  • To empower women political aspirants to take effective leadership roles in the politics through the 2016 elections

The importance of this project is to move away from a top-down, male-dominated and militaristic approach and start relying on non-militaristic participatory gender inclusive, bottom-up approaches, which will heal the deep wounds of the Somali gender relations.

How will the proposed project contribute to gender transformation, peace building, and social stability? What are the measures to be taken to ensure that?

The sustainable impact the project is seeking is that women political aspirants  to gain the skills necessary to identify and prioritize problems, seek solutions, work together for the common good, and mobilize resources within and outside of the community to have equal opportunity with men in all aspects of life. Possessing these skills, knowledge and advocacy they will be empowered, in control of their lives to a much greater degree, and able to address present and future needs.

With this perspective, women will promote gender sensitivity in the culture and create ways to empower women as equal partners with men in the economy, social and decision-making to reduce the wrong perception of women’s dependency on men

SWDC has successfully selected 40 identified female aspirants who have the willing and the ambition to participate in politics. The above mentioned target groups are all educated and fresh from universities, as well as colleges, they were selected on merit and criteria, they are given the necessary skills, knowledge , different approaches and technicalities in advocating and lobbing for women political participation. This is done through holding well-arranged forums at SWDC Hall and sometimes hired hall of recognized big Hotels especially when the participants are large in number.

SWDC Gender unit Plans to train the above identified target groups into three main categories which are as follows;

  • Female aspirants candidates (Members of the parliament)
  • Electoral procedures
  • Community campaign mobilisers