Distribution of Tarpaulins

During the month of Ramadan SWDC started a fundraising to help provide tarpaulins to families displaced at Ex Al Cadala IDP camp. Over 500 families have been displaced at this one camp for the past few months due to the fighting in liberated regions. These families made up of mostly women and children fled literally without anything except for the clothes on their backs. They live in the harshest of conditions and have had no humanitarian aid to help ease their problems.

The fundraising throughout this month thus far has afforded SWDC the ability to buy at least 150 tarpaulins to help build shelters for 150 families. On the 18th July 2014 SWDC distributed 150 tarpaulins to families displaced at Ex Al Cadala IDP camp. The camp which is one of the largest IDP camps is one of the camps that SWDC mapped as having a severe humanitarian crisis. In the month of June alone 36 children died in that camp alone due to diarrhoea and measles. The disaster which went unreported in literally all humanitarian levels has been worsened by the continues heavy rainfall throughout the month of July.

The donations received by SWDC have been contributed by the staff, their families and friends both in Somalia and abroad who have been able to see and hear of the plight and felt the need to help. The ultimate goal of providing shelters to the rest of the 350 and so families continues and we at SWDC want to thank all those have made it possible for us to reach the first target.

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