Residents in Mogadishu says” when there is relative calm for quite number of days in Mogadishu, there is something going to happen”. It was early 6th October when Al-shabab was completely ousted by the Somali National Army backed by African Union forces from their last stronghold area,  Barawe, a coastal town located in Southern Somalia about 240km away from the capital city. But then following their removal from almost all of the country, the militant group restored their fight back strategy by carrying out guerrilla attacks such as explosions, suicide and road bombings against public and private buildings, planned assassinations against government personnel. During last week alone, they have executed three explosions targeting different areas in Mogadishu.

Aroma café explosion

On October 13th around 7::00pm local time, a suicide car exploded outside popular restaurant called “Aroma Café” located just half km away from the presidential house compound killing 13 civilians and wounding more than 18 others. There was also one police officer who was among the dead victims.  Aroma Café locates alongside the Maka Almukaraha highway and majority of the victims were sitting near the parking lot where several cars were parked. The militant group claimed the responsibility of this attack on their twitter page.

On 15th Oct evening another car loaded with explosives exploded near the cooperatives compound located Hamar Weyne district in Mogadishu. The car has been parked nearby restaurant next to the cooperatives building and exploded few minutes after killing 5 people and wounding 6 others. Nobody knows who the target was but there were some journalists sitting at the restaurant. Among the dead people was the son of the well-known Somali artists/song writer Abdi Dhuuh who was in the area.

On the same date October 15th, another explosion took place in one of Mogadishu’s junction called “the four garden” killing 5 civilians most of them business women and the target man who was one of the national security officers. The other victims were four women who were selling Khaad (Miiraa) in the area.  These women who were breadwinners for their families have now gone and their children are still waiting them to come back home.

SWDC Human Rights and Documentation Center (HRDC) condemn all these brutal attacks against innocent Somali civilians especially women and children who always remain the most vulnerable of such attacks as well as government personnel. Immediate actions should be taken against these crimes and all perpetrators should be brought to justice.