Potential Forum which contributed Policy to Address Gender Based Violence

SWDC in collaboration with AU has conducted forum which contributed policy to address GBV at Safari Hotel on 28 of April 2015.

The well organized forum was attended by thirty participants who included religious leaders, clan elders, and representatives from ministry of women and human rights issues, ministry of education, ministry of Higher education and culture Ministry of Justice, law enforcing sectors such Police, Prosecutors, women Activists, youths, and members of National organization of Somali women.

The forum was official opened by the project coordinator who thanked and appreciated all the invited participants for sparing their good time, in addition to that the project coordination discussed in lengthy the primary objectives of the forum which its main aim was to address policies that contribute GBV .

The coordinator also welcomed the SWDC legal advisor Mrs. Zahro Mohamed Ahmed who mentioned the plight and the suffering women in Somalia undergo on issues related GBV she emphasized that despite policies , protocol both local and international, the rate of GBV is rampantly increasing, therefore this is the right time we need to put joint effort in contribution and address GBV policies so that justice and equality is reached and the entire community lives in a healthy environment free from all sorts of human violation.

The religious leaders and traditional elders agreed that Gender based violence need clear policy and commitment of law enforcement for implementation, as was mentions sexual violence prohibited in Islamic perspectives, while some of Traditional elders mentioned increasing of sexual violence in the rural and urban areas is responsible for clan elders and religious elders.

chair lady National union of Somali women Mrs. Batula Ahmed also contributed “ that women in general face GBV and other related rights violation since memorial , women rights and dignity was reserved during the existence of the Central Government ,the held different portfolios, minister posts and were as well top senior officials however everything went upside down after the collapse of the Central Government, they were abused , their rights violated and were confined to their houses facing all sorts of violations both from their husbands and the rest of the society , however a lot of improvement has been advocating for women rights and the fights against GBV through collective effort from members of the civil societies, human rights defenders, line ministries with help of external hand as a result tangible change has been noted with time on issues related with GBV and that women are now freely open to air their views and grievances m there is still need to apply and strength policies on GBV , conventions , protocols, resolutions which address GBV and more so save guard the interest and   rights of women within the community.