Second Forums of Changing men’s attitude and behavior towards GBV

In accordance with project plan and agreement, on 6th May, 2015 SWDC in collaboration African Union Commission (AUC) conducted the second forum which was changing men’s attitude and behavior towards GBV.

The well organized event was attended by thirty Male participants from the 17th Districts of Benadir Region who included Traditional Elders, Religious, Business Men, Teachers, Police, Custodial Corps, Justice Team, Lawyers.

As usual all the participants registered and arrived on time the colorful forum was opened with verse of the holly Quran thereafter the project coordinator Mr. Ibrahim appreciated all the participants for the punctuality and the good turn up they have shown in attending for the discussion , he also briefly highlighted the main objectives of the of the gathering which was basically changing mens attitude and behavior towards GBV, “Mr. Ibrahim reminded all the participants that there was great need to change the attitude and cultural behavior of all men , from observations, analysis and facts on the ground it was noted that men are root cause of GBV within the community in one way or the other and therefore need to be educated on the negative impact and as well consequences of GBV to the survivor , family and children” . in his speech the coordinator added that GBV has became alarming global issue which need to be addressed urgently so as to safe guard the interest and the rights of women in general .