Event plays to commemorate Universal Children’s Day

In celebration of the universal children 20th November IDPs children and their could not hide their joys and happiness despite the pathetic situation they were in , IDPs they showed jovial mood and beaming faces in effort to celebrate and welcome the big day , they came out in large number singing happily the colorful event was held at Iskashi camp in Daynile district where majority of the IDPs children live , to mark the event celebration more decorative different traditional plays , folk songs ,poems arts of hand was displayed by all the children its worth mentioned that they had different way of living in their area of origin hence their plays differed one from the other , these children were divided into groups , girls sung folk songs played traditional dances while boys also displayed their talent in reciting poems , drawings paints and the most exciting tag of war between two teams from two different camps , the wining team were awarded with presents.




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