She is your mother

Today marks the third day of activism SWDC team visited 2 IDP camps the first camp was Biyole there was large number of gathering in these forum, one of the religious leader   from the IDPs  gave a lecture which was  based   on  religious perspective on advocacy  for women, the religious leader said in the  gathering that women require total respect from everybody   they are the backbone of the society and they should not  be offended at any cost said the speaking leader, in addition to that women undergo a lot hardship and violation   in the country Somalia such rape, constant domestic violence ,denial of resources and one’s right ,bringing up children alone all these bad practices should come to an end together we can do it added the religious leader when he was concluding his speech.

Mama Zahra the legal advisor of the SWDC who officially opened the forum welcomed everybody in the discussion forum and reminded everyone who attended about the importance of advocacy  towards violence against women , she further said that there are a lot problems women face in the country it’s the responsibility of everybody to eliminate violence against women. During her discussion with IDPs some of the respondents said that the major cause of the domestic violence, engaging in social crimes and high rate of divorces is lack of employment in the country most of men who are supposed to be bread winners are idle

She was seconded by the program coordinator Mr. Ibrahim Ahmed who also mentioned that there were some promises which the Government made in elimination of violence against women however it has not yet been accomplished to the required level still the need of protection is there, SWDC will not leave any stone unturned   to make sure that through advocacy \awareness raising violation against women is eliminated.

On the other hand the team visited the second camp Bidhan dhere   where they met IDPs who were mainly women and children the forum was officially opened by the legal advisor Mama Zahra who strongly emphasized elimination of violence against women in both IDPs and host communities. Banners which contained the following messages were distributed to IDPs in the forum the conveyed messages were as follows

  • Women are your mothers
  • Wives
  • Sisters
  • Daughters
  • Do no more harm
  • Total respect to all women
  • Let’s all stand for women rights

The discussion went smoothly it was later concluded by the program coordinator Mr.ibrahim who requested the crowd to join the 16 days of activism in eliminating violence against women and convey the message to the rest who could not come to the gathering.