Forums on youth, Religious leaders and traditional elders engagement of changing men’s attitude and behaviour towards women’s right in constitution.


SWDC Has conducted  two days Forums where it  has  invited,  youth. Traditional elders, religious leaders on engagement of changing men’s attitude and behaviour towards women’s rights in the  current drafting constitution. The forum  was held on the 12-13/5/2018  in Mogadishu- Benadir Region.

Miss Aamina Abdulkadir  Arralle who is the Executive director of SWDC  has officially opened the two days forum, at the begging of her speech, she has warmly welcomed and thanked the participants for attending and taking their great time for this  valuable meeting.    she encouraged them to contribute  their inputs related to this very important on the gaps of women’s rights in the constitution.

finally, She noted that  in the constitution does not state how customary law and constitution corporate and even how the constitution supports the customary law so this is the time you can discuss deeply all those Gaps particularly Gaps on women’s rights in the Drafting  Constitution.

The forum was also addressed by  Asho Baaxood who is from Women Activity in Benadir,  in her speech, she started with it is a great day that all these  invited respectful participants who  are here today to discuss on the issues related to the constitutional gaps particularly gaps on women’s rights in the drafting  constitution.

at the  fast, we are Muslims so that we should avoid  from anything that is not based on Islam and our constitution is based on Islam and Sunnah of our prophet Mohammed (PBUH), she briefed about the definitions of Constitution, it is the basic principles and laws of a nation, state or social group that guarantees certain rights and determines  the power and duties of the government.

One of the invited traditional Elder from Hiirshabelle has also addressed, he said that every country in the world has got a constitution therefore, it is very  to have a constitution and important to specifically state women’s rights in the constitution though now they have 30% Quota in the political participation but we will advocate for women to have  50% in the next election.