“Six Month old baby boy reunites with his mom

On 25th of March 2017, six months old baby boy was stolen from his mother by a strange lady. The mother of the stolen baby is called Sankheir Moallin Isak and she is a resident at Abay IDP camp which is situated in Daynile District. The mother is a 22-year-old who has recently fled from Bardhere town in Gedo region due to the droughts. She is new in the environment, therefore isn’t well familiarized with the area. One day, her old sister who is the leader of the IDP camp told her to go to Tabellaha Market to buy some items. Sankheir was approached by a lady pretending to be a new arrival. The strange lady pleaded with Sankheir to give her accommodation for just a night, Sankheir accepted the lady’s request out of pure heart and humanity.

They stayed together during the night, when the day broke the strange lady told Sankheir to accompany her to Bakaaro Market to collect money sent to her from abroad. They went together to the market while Sankheir was carrying her baby boy on her back, but she did not know that the strange lady was intending to do something sinister.
While in Bakaaro market, Sankheir was persuaded to fill her missing tooth by the strange lady and all expense was going to be paid by the strange, posing as a good Samaritan. They went to a dentist hospital where according to Sankheir, she was given cold water mixed with of some elements of drugs and in the process she lost her consciousness. The strange lady took advantage of that and got away with the son of Sankheir.
After some minutes when she got back her consciousness her baby was nowhere to be found. She went back to her sister at the IDP camp and informed her about what had transpired. The sister who was the leader of the camp contacted with SWDC on the same day. SWDC took the matter seriously and involved both NISA and Hodan police station and extensive search was undertaken.
NISA arrested two men who were operating at the dentist center where the baby was stolen at and closed down the center at the same time. The two dentist men were detained in the notorious God-ka Jilacow Prison but after some days, an MP who was their relative came and got them released on bail. The investigation was going on for almost a month, but luckily and due to the efforts of the intelligence officers, a brother and sister of the lady who stole the baby were located and arrested who came full account of the details and that the lady took the baby boy to Beletweine town.
The lady was arrested in Beletweine on 23th of April by the Police and SWDC paid for the expense her transportation to Mogadishu. The lady a long with the baby was landed at Aden Adde Aiport and at last the mother and her son were re-united and they will undergo a DNA test, while the strange lady who stole the baby is currently remanded at the CID waiting for further investigation of the case. The baby boy suffered a lot and there are visible injuries on his body but he is being taken care of by his mother and her sister. SWDC will take taps on the proceedings of the case and will share with its partners on the findings and sentence of the case.