Statement on the death of Eng Abdullahi Ali Anshur

Statement on the death of Eng Abdullahi Ali Anshur

Mogadishu 18 November 2014: Somali-American Eng Abdullahi Ali Anshur was shot dead in Mogadishu on Monday night by unknown assailants who took his car after they killed him. Eng Anshur was on his way to his house in Hodan district; the deceased returned to Somalia from USA and has been working with Benadir Regional Administration especially reconstruction programs.

It is not clear the main reason behind his killing however Al Shabaab militant group has claimed the responsibility of similar assassination attacks before that was mainly targeted on Somali government officials and members of parliament.


Eng Anshur was the husband of prominent women rights activists Halima Ismail Ibrahim who advocates for gender equality and women empowerment in Somalia. Halima has been working with different civil society organizations. She, her husband and her daughter returned from abroad to serve their community. Halima is currently attending Somalia’s new deal conference in Copenhagen Denmark which has started 18th November together with other delegates including the president Hassan Shiekh Hassan.
Halima is a great colleague with SWDC and it has been heartbreaking sadness over the death of her husband, we as an organization send our deepest condolences to her families, friends and colleagues and our thoughts and prayers are always with her husband.

Mogadishu has recently became home of assignations where several planned killings has been targeted with government officials and parliament members in the last month. It was last week when deputy immigration department Mohamoud Mohamed Dhabarey was shot dead in KM4 junction by armed groups, the same day another attack was targeted with well-known member of the parliament Prof Mohamed Omar Dalha through he narrowly escaped from that assassination.

Suicide attacks, explosions, throwing grenades targeted with government vehicles, buildings and public places became realities in the city and the majority of these attacks are carried out by the Alsh-abab militants in what they call retaliation against the death of their leader”. Al-shabab was defeated by the African Union forces and Somali National Army where they have been ousted almost all of the country.

The Somali government has been affected by the intra-political conflicts among its top officials that dominated the whole Somali politics and its citizens are getting killed every day. Such brutal acts should not be accepted and should not be left without investigations. The death of such resourceful people like Eng Asnhur will only make the situation of Somalia more worse and will hold back the peace process while the country is currently in recovery stage from more than two decades of civil war.