Cross Cutting Issues

The issue:

Contributory factors such as poverty and risk of violence exposes women to HIV/AIDS. Internally displaced persons are also at risk of exposure due to displacements allowing for ‘people with different HIV/AIDS prevalence levels into contact’ with on another. The risk of transmission is further accelerated when a country enters a state of emergency, in which increases migration, and the transfusion of contaminated blood.

What is SWDC doing:

Education and poor health infrastructure are the main cross-cutting issues, which is where SWDC has invested their focus on. SWDC aims at educating women on the modes of transmission, prevention and cure for the HIV/AIDS related illnesses through women to women initiative approach, in order to reduce the spread of the disease. SWDC also provides testing, counselling, medical and nutritional support for the victims in order to make them feel like the other members of the society.