Peace Building & Reconciliation

SWDC acknowledges that a sustainable developed society is build on peace-building and rule of law.

The issue:

Conflict is inevitable in any democratic society and a matter of course. It can often be subsequent to societal improvements, contrarily it can also lead to violence and have a negative affect on society, if not solved in a just and civil manner.

Peace-building can be an effective tool to manage conflicts, and it can build trust between groups or individuals in the particular society. Peace-building is the constant to long term transformation in Somalia. It contributes to empowerment of societies and promotes inclusivity.

Conflict prevention is achieved through inclusivity, by engaging various communities of the society, such as the marginalised, in order to manage on-going conflict, encourage dialogue and reach a consensus. Particularly in regards to issues such as violence, human right infringements and rape.

What is SWDC doing:

SWDC is based on and makes every effort to resolve conflicts and differences through peaceful means, such as mediation and inclusivity. The world’s many wars testify to the importance of political diversity and dialogue in order to achieve peace and security. Respect for differences is the only way to achieve unity. SWDC believes that good governance derives from conflict prevention, mediation, reconciliation and peace-building processes. SWDC is committed to promote alternative dispute resolutions such as mediation, in order to achieve peace-building.

SWDC’s long term vision is for Somalia to enter a stage where conflicts can be solved, firstly by each party expressing mutual respect and understanding for differences, and then to reach a consensus through peaceful and civil means.