Youth Empowerment

Youth empowerment is a process where children and young people are encouraged to take charge of their lives. Youth empowerment aims to improve quality of life.

The youth in Somalia is seen as the epitome for economic growth and social development, and therefore SWDC strives to encourage the youth to employment, political participation, and in general towards advanced development. Most importantly the youth is the potential agenda for peace and security development in Somalia.

The issue:

The young people represent a majority of the population in Somalia; 45,6 % of the population are below the age of 15 – according to Population Estimation Survey Somalia. This clearly indicates that the youth have the potential to become agents for change. They are now visible to contribute as political actors, innovators, entrepreneurs and peacekeepers. However, young people’s disproportionate social, economic, educational and political barriers prevent them from freeing their full potential. Today the youth in Somalia are exposed to violence and terrorism. Due to the lack of security, they often are exploited by terrorist groups. Therefore, there is a need to help the youngsters today, it is essential to encourage the youth to become productive members of society.