Women are change makers

Somali Women Development Centre (swdc) Gender sector organized and conducted its first workshop on grass root forum for women political participation and constitution process on 11the March 2014.

The workshop was composed of 50 selected   participants from different sections of the society such as fresh girls from universities, secondary level girls, ambitious women on politics from civil society, association of Somali women journalist, local NGOS,   literate  women from IDPS .

The well-organized workshop was officially opened by the project coordinator Mr. Ibrahim Ahmed who welcomed everybody in the gathering and thanked them for sparing their good time. Mr. Ibrahim informed the attendants about the importance of the workshop, he said that “Somali women have been facing all types of violence such as sexual violence, physical violence, emotional and psychological violence, harmful tradition practice, socio-economic violence in addition to that very few are included in the country politics as well as decision making surrounding in peace and state building process. Knowing all these problems that Somali women face, this is the right time to make positive change by the use of the pen and disapprove the wrong the perception people have in mind towards women political participation and decision making in the society’.   Ended Mr. Ibrahim

After words the project consultant Mrs.   Khadija Ahmed Abukar took the floor and requested brief individual introduction starting from herself which was immediately done.

Thereafter there was agreed norms written down which was to be abided by all in the one workshop, also the attendants were asked to write down their expectations and feelings , these were the different messages conveyed by the them which was as follows

  • They will make positive change in Somali women politics
  • Their effort towards politics will be fruitful.
  • Women will have good number of seats in the parliament come the year 2016
  • Women political participation will be formed before the year  2016
  • Good number of politician women will appear in the ministerial post(cabinet)
  •  in future a politician women will chair the seat of the prime minister
  • Women will have their constitutional share in the parliament
  • The issue of clannish or council of elders on women political participation will come to an end.

On the other hand there was fear that

  • They may face barrier from their respective clans
  • Stiff competition from men
  • Fear of political assassinations
  • Some  may show Negative attitude towards politics
  • Pressure from their husbands to step down from politics

The primary objectives of the workshop was

  • To raise the awareness of the women.
  • To advocate for the political rights of women to secure voice and vote once peace has been secured.
  • To sustain current quotas in the parliament and advocate for more to secure the 30% women quotas in all part in political participation.
  • To respect the women rights in Islam and CEDAW