To empower women is to empower a nation

SWDC organized  colorful  luncheon ceremony  which its main aim was make identification and selection of  ambitious women and girls who are willing and determine  to  participate the politics of this  country , among the  attendants  who was also the guest of honor was her  excellence the minister for Women and Human rights issues Mrs  Khadija Mohamed Diriye , chair lady organization of Somali women Mama Batula. Regional chair lady   organization of Somali women, Mrs. Jawahir , Members of the civil society , representatives of  women from the  16 Districts in Banadir region, media (TV and Radio) both local and international level .

As a norm the event was opened with a verse of the Holy QURAN from ismail SWDC legal Aid team, thereafter it was officially opened by the project coordinator Mr. Ibrahim Ahmed Ali who welcomed everybody in the gathering and thanked them all for sparing their good time during this day, Mr. ibrahim informed all the attendants in detail about the objective of this one year project and said its to build and empower women in terms of political, social, and economical status as well as equality in all aspect of life, the project coordinator further added that ‘our primary objective is to enable to achieve female aspiring candidates as well as formation of  women  political parties come the next general election 2016 when one man one vote will take effect’.

Mama Zahra Mohamed the legal advisor of   SWDC was the second speaker and she said that there are so many educated Somali women in this country yet   they were left out and still remain at homes, tireless effort   have made towards their advocacy however the required goal was not achieved therefore this is the right time to air their views in joint effort added mama Zahro.

Mrs Jawahir regional chairlady of organization of Somali women said equality is hardly practiced in this country , there is no equality in sharing socio economic opportunities in the country , organization of Somali women is putting a lot pressure to make sure that women also get their share in the country, mrs Jawahir thanked the minister for the effort she is making and assuring that women are not left behind, she also mentioned that in her office  she is keeping the CVS of  so many  educated Somali girls trying to reach every office and organization in case of any needs, she can as well be contacted for consideration of any chance, some organizations have wrong perception which is ‘fresh students girls from colleges, universities , cannot perform better simply because they do not have experience , that is a very wrong calculation with time one will get experience . There is nobody born with experience added Mrs. Jawahir.

Great poets by the name Osman Gure said in the gathering that the 20 years the country was in a civil war it was women who were the only bread winners and educated their children they were able to do these for two major reasons; one, they were not participating in the clan fight secondly they were not targeted and had access to go everywhere. Unfortunately they did not meet their expectations from the born Government both the transitional   and the federal. Mr. Gure also added that there is wrong idea which many people have in mind which is women are supported and funded by western countries so as to violet the religion of Islam as well as their role in the family when in the real sense they are trying hard to overcome the existing challenges on the ground, busy struggling for their denied rights in the country.

Mama  Halima from the civil society said  the idea that women are supported by the western countries for destructive reasons needs to be addressed, its absolutely wrong allegation and character assassination to them hence it should be eradicated at all. She further said that women should struggle and fight for their due rights in a very diplomatic manner by the use of the pen, priorities and consideration be given to educated Somali girls when it comes to employment opportunities. Mama  Halima urged Somali women in abroad to make contribution to ministry of women and human rights issues even if it means one dollar per person , these would mean a lot to the ministry more so to entire Somali women living in the country. She also suggested Gender office be established in every ministry so as to know the percentage of girls working in the country.

Head of Somali women association   Mama Batula thanked SWDC for organizing the colorful event. in her speech she said that women have all the rights to get education ,work ,and  make decision therefore need to be given total respect and consideration . She emphasized that women are required to struggle for their rights by the use of the pen. Mama Batula thanked the Government for appointing a woman in the ministerial post for the position of Minister of Women and human rights and requested the Government to give full support.

Honorable Khadija Mohamed Diriye Minister for women and human rights issues once again thanked SWDC for the tireless effort they made in organizing the big event. The  minister said that it was 40 years ago when the country of Somali reached and passed Gender issues, however there was a gap after the fall of the central Government, that does not mean women do not understand their rights but because of situation factor they were quite this the right time now. The minister said she does not understand why Somali women should be confined to Quarter only when they are tittle to    get full shares just like any other citizen.

Women play a very crucial role in the family and are able to do the same in outside world if only given the chance. The minister made a pledge that her ministry will not leave any stone unturned to make sure that Somali women get their share in the country. She also said that ministry of women and Gender of which she is the head will make all effort to reach every ministry ,organization, private companies to see the ratio of women working in the that particular sector.

Hon Khadija added that its very astonishing to see very big private companies operating in Mogadishu girls are either cleaners or prepare tea for the staff working no other role. It’s outdated, old fashion and in human to treat girls in that manner said the minister. There are so many educated girls who can perform better in both public and private companies they should therefore be given chance too.  In addition to that the minister promised in her conclusion words the ministry of women and human rights issues will be bring positive change in regards to women current status in terms of political, social, and economical aspect